26 Feb


from wax. next step casting it out(preferably from metal)


22 Jan

rerendered with subtle sunlight shadows,textures addes, material probably d-shape stone with color lights

dimensions and legend, small graphical upgrades


plan and section

21 Jan



fashion show, symmetry, mood

20 Jan

night render showing possible event, not sure about the heihgt of the trees at site…

also despite left and right look symmetrical, they are  quite different at closer look


19 Jan

simple space disposition: 6 small “chambers”(2.5m, one sorption cooler for one chamber), plus one bigger hall/entrance.

replacing columns, walls and other elements, still in the process.

column structure adjusted again,with different heights, funnel-like tops, and broarder bottoms.


18 Jan

basic plan layout from baroque pavilons- hall( solid open pulbic space) divides into two galleries which leads into smaller private areas(rooms, library…).here at smaller scale-lenght under 18 m

exploring distances, density, divisions, transparency, symmetry


17 Jan